I’ve figured a few things out tonight!

Its the rose festival this weekend in Jardin. The colourful tables and chairs in the plaza coincide with the colour of the cafe or restaurant surrounding the plaza. The long pipes coming from the roofs are for water drainage onto the street. Its raining again! The thunder and lightening is less dramatic, but the bucketing is torrential!!! No brave soul standing in the plaza getting a natural shower

I returned to Cafe Europa for a pizza and met several English speaking travellers. So I had dinner with them and a beer following in the plaza. They are staying at a hostel just outside town and came for the weekend. I may see them tomorrow. I met a man staying in the hotel from New Jersey. He is Colombian, visiting his ailing mother. He’s from Cali originally. His cousin owns the hotel. He shared a few shots of his Colombian rum with me… straight up, with a chaser of Canada Dry! Awful stuff. The rum that is.

Many horse riders parading along the streets tonight with horses prancing and clacking about. Its the middle aged version of kids driving around with boom boxes blaring!! Only its a horse. I prefer the horse myself.

Lots of policia and military in town. It’s the presidential election this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday are ‘dry’days. Alcohol cannot be sold or bought. But wait, Colombians can stock up previous and drink their private stock.

Buenos noches.


3 thoughts on “I’ve figured a few things out tonight!

  1. Hey Cher, love your posts. I get to travel Columbia without having to go there!! It sounds like you are having such a great time. I’m relieved you find English speaking people every now and then. All is good here. Neighbors behind us said the house is “looking good.” We’re having a play date with them today. Hopefully they’re fun! Miss you, and keep those posts coming!!

  2. Hi Cher
    Thanks for the note. It sounds like you are in a beautiful place. I am happy you are chatting up other travelers. Your notes are interesting and fun to read.

    We are fully relaxed and enjoying our selves.

    Stay safe.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Love you dearly

    Mum and Dad

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