Moving on!

I’m learning I really dislike the cities. I’ve decided to head to a place called Jardin. A small little village 3.5 hours, by bus, from Medellin.

Medellin is not quite as bad as Bogota, but I’m not feeling the love for this place either. I did take the metro to parque berrio and wandered a bit. A friendly English speaking man called to me, he had lived in the USA for 15 years, and asked where I was from and if I was travelling alone. He said to me, I love my country, but be careful.

I should say, the metro station I needed to take from where I’m staying is right next to the soccer stadium. Tonight is a match between 2 Colombian teams. It was mobbed there, jerseys, beer drinking, plastic horns, traffic, people… crazy town! I only connected all those dots once I returned to where I’m staying. Its on tv just now. Oh, and I left the chip to my camera in my tablet, so when I went to take pics… I couldn’t!

Will be in touch after I arrive to Jardin. Ciao.


4 thoughts on “Moving on!

  1. Good day! Well, snowing in Iqaluit today. Hopefully, it will put out the dump fire. The packers arrive on Friday and loaders on Saturday. That will be the final steps, more or less, for the house contents. Bill, will take what we couldn’t sell and try to sell it for us. Shelly says the house looks big inside with no furniture. Found the original house Bill of sale, only $148k. Wow!what a deal.

    I bet the people are passionate about their home sports teams. Probably a good thing your timing was at the start of the event and not the end. The boozing combined with winners and losers of the teams mixing is not a good combo! Very cool of the dude to call out to you and have a chat. Great opportunity for him to use his English. I suppose you don’t “look” Colombian. Hahaa. How much for a bus ride? Are there washrooms on board. Or are they more like yellow school busses? Like your strategy travelling with other tourists. Keeping in a group is safer. Nervous Nellie, right here! What did you take for luggage? Backpack or rolling case?
    Keep safe and enjoy your day. Miss you. And maybe breakout the mask. You could draw a happy face or something on it. At the end of the day you can check out the sediment on the mask. Prolly freak you out.


    • Okay , I’m going to try a third reply! Yesterday I was booted off twice, so annoying!

      The bus sizes vary depending on where you are going, as do companies that service that area, and prices. From Salento to Pereira it was 6000 cop, from Pereira to Medellin it was 32000 cop (after s 5000 cop discount arranged by a man also going to Medellin bc there was a large group). The bus from Medellin to Jardin was 18000 cop, which is considered high, relatively speaking. And when I leave Jardin to Manizales will be about 37,000 cop. The larger busses have bathrooms, AC, screens for movies. The smaller buses have music compliments of the driver… VERY LOUD music. The smaller buses are comfortable enough. Yesterday I was on a smaller bus for the 3.5 hour ride. On the way where there are not bus stations the locals, or people, flag the bus down from the side of the road. They pay according to destination. I’m told gringos have a different price, but this is negotiated. Especially if you have the language and know how it works, to get a fair price. Halfway to Jardin a couple got on and I was asked to sit in the front passenger seat where the driver was. It wasn’t bed, I had taken a quarter gravel in medellin prior to departing. So I could manage the views and cliff dropping edges on the passenger side without much difficulty. The driver was very nice and slowed down when I wanted to take a photo. We were stopped twice by police for a check. Gladly I didn’t have to get off the bus or show ID. Locals also hop on and off to sell things like chips, candy, gum, etc. Quite different that way. They then jump off several meters down the road.

  2. Yeah, cities can be over-rated. “Enjoy” your ride to the country. Looking forward hearing about Jardin. Our house has been painted. Major difference – really dramatic. Not sure about the color – I love it in some lights and think it’s a bit loud in others…we’ll seeas it’s not quite done yet.

    Love you!

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