I started out a little later than expected today. I was on the transmilenio by 10.45 am and arrived at Porte Norte by 11.30 am. That was an experience. Crowded. Jam packed. Crazy speeds. Neck breaking stops! A fellow offered to hold my bag as I stood, I kindly declined. They do that here… the sitters take bags for the standers on their laps. Interesting.

Porte Norte, transferred to another bus. OMFG! you have no idea! Break neck speed. Weaving in and out. Navigating motorbikes, cars, big trucks, busses… tailgating, braking, honking, changing lanes, holy crap there’s a car stopped in the lane!!!! Pull to left real quick, left lane again… that car ahead is to slow, back in behind the truck… all I could do is laugh. Or throw up! I’m not the best car traveller if I’m not in the front. Holy smokes people are waving the bus down, come to a screeching halt but before even stopping the doors fly open and the assistant jumps out (remember neck breaking speeds and stops). Calling out in Spanish to others to take this bus, I presume. Gets back on and away we go, go, go. Sometimes the door closes, sometimes not. It was way more intense thean the time my family and I were in Cabos San Lucas! Insane. Absolutely.

The salt cathedral was very interesting. Its still being mined, and services are held regularly. I did meet an American mother and 2 daughters on the ‘crazy’ bus. So we hung out for the day. It was nice to have company. They are from Portland, Oregon. The eldest daughter has been travelling 8 months! Oi.

The ride home was as interesting, of course it was rush hour getting out of Zipaqueria. Worse than home. Imagine. Trucks, buses, cars, motorbikes bumper to bumper, not kidding, and vehicles from all feeder arteries wanting to get on the highway… it’s a cartoon to behold. Like ants nose to arse, marching onward. It just seems to work. Diesel, manure, garbage… it’s all there.

The day was great tho. The sun was nice, the countryside beautiful. Lots of farms, acreages, some pretty big houses, some real shacks. Zipaqueria was quieter, smaller. Quaint. Hitting Bogota was depressing! Really this city has so many extreme contrasts. If I lived here I wouldn’t know where to start. It needs a really good cleaning!

I’m trying to book a flight to Pereira. I also made contact with a gal there thru couch surf. I hope to fly out Wednesday. VivaColumbia airline. Cheap. We will see.

Now to shower and sleep. Buenos noches.


4 thoughts on “Zipaqueria

  1. Zip-a-crazy-ia! Glad you’re having fun. You might need to cough out the pollution at the end of day. 7 million ppl in that “town”. Keep the posts coming….I love them. thanks!

  2. Hi Chaeryl; dad here. I love to read your posts. The country sounds tooooo craaaazy for me!!! Anyway, stay safe, have fun and keep the posts coming.

    Love You!!

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