Cycling is hard!

Oww. I rode a bike today for 4 1/2 hours today… my butt is hating me. In fact my body below the waist is screaming ‘give me a hot bath’! I did a excellent bike tour today, Nicholas was great. He was the guide. We visited hilites of La Candelaria, Bolivar Plaza, the business centre, the downtown, a church from the 17th century, a great outdoor market – so many fruits, vegetables, flours, meats, etc. Mom, you would be in heaven! We also saw what was the bull fighting arena – up until a few years ago when the Mayor abolished it. The best part was the historical info received. The craziest was riding a bike on the streets of Bogota! I don’t do that home for freakin’ sake. Don’t get any ideas EOA, I’m not taking up riding!

That was my morning… in the mid afternoon I went to the Botero museum, Casa de Moneda, museo de arte del banco de la republica. I had to limber up my legs from the earlier ride. I must tell there was one stop on our ride my legs almost let go while I was walking downstairs.

I found a very good bar-reataurant to eat dinner – a freshly made hamburger with fries and fresh limonade. Cost… 7,000 COP = under 5 bucks! Toccatos. Will eat there again.

I chatted up a couple from Amsterdam tonight, they were great with sharing info about getting around, where to go, hostels, etc. I’m so thankful. Sunday I was hating on this place… today I’m in a better head space about it. When I don’t waiver.

Tomorrow… Zipaquira. The salt cathedral. A long day.

Ciao. Buenos noches.

PS. I burnt my face and hands today.


8 thoughts on “Cycling is hard!

    • I just wish I had a camera mount yesterday you would not believe how the traffic moves here. And it works! Crazy navigation and prayer I’m sure… I know I was saying a few to myself. Nicholas shared his theory that if we travel in a pack then we are like one big car… hands down the best advice. However, everyone has a pace they can do… my legs were fighting me up the hills. These bikes are very well used. Some barely had air in the tires, and one poor gals pedal fell off twice, and another’s chain was a problem. Mine was great, other than the seat would tilt back when I hit a bump with my weight. I’m sitting pretty good today!

  1. Cher,
    You sound so happy with your day! Glad your having in a great time and meeting good people as well. When do you not burn your skins, when you over do whatever activity your doing…..silly girl. I hope your day tomorrow will be wonderful.

    Love you

    Mum and Dad

  2. Wow…sounds like you are seeing a lot of cool sights…and biking…I am shocked….love the blog and the way you write!….xx


    • Did I mention my throat hurts from the diesel and exhaust. Air care is unheard of here. Lots of crap being breathed in. I thought I would be daft to bring face masks, but I see plenty of locals wearing them or covering their faces with something. I haven’t pulled mine out yet.

  3. How-do! Well, that was an awesome day in the books. I suppose today will be a bit more straight legged stiffness. My experience is always the 2nd day is the worst. Did EOA share butt butter with you? Hopefully, he thought of that, as I’m sure it’s his go-to during the ride. Who are the tourist? Americans, Canadians, UK? Who’s travelling these days? Will you be switching hostels now? Is the beer any good? Miss you. Be safe. Love, Shawna

    • There are lots of other central and south Americans travelling. Aussies, Europeans, UK NZs. On the ride yesterday a couple from Lebanon, and Norway.

      I haven’t tried the beer, or the coffee for that matter. There is a lot of drinking at night here in the hostel’s bar.

      I have one more night here. I’m trying to figure out my next steps. Medellin, or Salento. XO

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