Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mothers day to all the women in my life.

I had a good rest last night. Got up this morning and set about of what to do today. On Sundays they close several main roads for the public to walk, run, cycle, from 7 am to 2 PM. It’s called ciclovia, yielding 120km of city roads closed. My brother-in-law would love it. Plus the museums are free. Lots of people out and about. Vendors with fruit cups, juice, carts cooking meat and what I think was plantane, and all kinds of wares… beaded jewelry, umbrellas, cell accessories, and lots of old junk too. Plus street buskers – some talented. It’s almost like a fair without the rides. I did meet a very nice man, named Alberto in the market. He spoke a bit of English and was interested in where I was travelling to.

The people were varied. Families, couples, old, young, groups, and homeless. The citizens dress and look like we do at home. Some with crazy haircuts, facial piercings, tattoos, you name it, it’s here. Cell phones are abundant. Pretty much everyone has one and those that don’t can purchase minutes from a vendor who has several phones each chained to a single cart or the wall inside their booth.

Lots of homeless all interspersed too. With all the activity the policia were everywhere. Saw a police wagon, open with bars like a cage and some poor souls in there looking out at the people. I wanted to take a picture but thought it to intrusive. I think there was enough shame for them already. The poverty I saw today would be like having the DTE threaded through our neighbourhoods. And on my way to the museo del oro (gold museum) I saw a man urinating, right in my line of sight. Such a dichotomy, to be going into a building housing ancient gold artifacts and outside it’s door are people eating garbage, filthy dirty, some with no shoes, begging, or relieving themselves!!!

Lots and lot of brick here. Buildings, plazas, sidewalks. Very slippery to walk on. Especially after it rains. This is definitely not a place for open toed shoes.

I found a grocery store – EXITO… reminded me of superstore or no frills. Yellow, lots of yellow.

There was a very cool market on my outing today. Some really nice leather items, very colorful. Lots of knitted wear. Jerseys… soccer. I saw some really nice antiques.

Well my feet ache! So I’m going to have a shower and put on my lovely healing booties I got at Christmas before I call it a night. Did I mention it’s dark here at 6:30!

Silly me, I didn’t change the SanDisk card in my camera so I could easily download my photos to my tablet!


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Hi Chaeryl,

    Thanks for the most interesting message. It sounds like you had a great day. I am so happy to hear from you. This way I know you are safe and enjoying your trip. I like the way you write too.

    Love you Mum

  2. Sounds like you are having a great adventure. I’m glad you’re being safe and smart along the way. Mother’s Day was lovely. Ava and Mitchy were really sweet and we had a very nice day together. I think the family photographer got some great shots of them at Washington Park which should be ready when you return. We’re looking forward to seeing photos of your trip so we’ll continue to check this blog.

    Love you! S.

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