Hello Bogota!

I’m here. I’m safe. The flight was good. Toronto was groggy with fog and morning Sun at 6:45 am. Image 

 So I arrived at 1 this afternoon. Extremely tired and hungry. The customs line was super long. Got my luggage, met Jose (super nice, poor guy waited 40 mins for me), got in the Car for the drive to la Calendria. Oi! He was a good driver, but wow… chaos at its best. The lines mean nada here. Cars cross over like water flowing… everywhere. Motorcycles driving between cars, cyclists. And pedestrians crossing randomly. I tried to video it but they didnt turn out… it was crazy. Jose was good, didn’t feel like I would die, surprised I didn’t see an accident.

My hostel… I booked the cranky croc. Lonely planet recommended it. Holy F! What a hole.I quickly whipped out my guide book and asked what was close by. Sue’s won. Way cleaner, more comfortable flow. Way cleaner! Ack. That’s when I thought about turning back. But let me backup.

On the drive in Jose was telling me about the area we were in. Great. Old. New. Incomplete. Crumbling. Roadways all seem to be one ways, cool. He requested on occasion I role the window up because of the people on the corners, and I had my daypack upfront. THEN as we are rounding a corner I look over to see a guy, a bit of a distance away, with his back to traffic… wiping his backside! OK! Following that the hostel kinda tipped the scale for me, when I thought it’s time to turn back or move on. The only time I experienced worse was in Monaco.

I’ve eaten. In my hostel. Listening to the music playing. Eyes are burning. Could be the exhaust fumes, altitude, or typing this freaking post with a stylus.

Stumbled across an outdoor comic relief thing tonight. Very cool. Pics soon. Good night.



4 thoughts on “Hello Bogota!

  1. I have left several replies earlier but they are not showing up…oh well…at least you found a better hostel….sounds like this will be a very interesting adventure with lots of stories to tel…be safe..love ya

  2. Sounds like you’re in for a real ‘vacation’. Enjoy the sights! And sounds! I’m looking forward to reading your updates. Love you.

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