And the day is here!

So here it is….. May 9 and 10:38 PM in YVR. I was uncertain if some other power was suggesting I stay home. I started out the week feeling like a relapse of my cold was coming like a vengeance. One of my hearing aids is on the fritz – great! Can’t do anything about it today. And while packing my bag and doing laundry I could hear this knocking in my kitchen. Thinking it might be my washer I investigate… its coming from under the sink! The cold water line is knocking away making a hell of a racket… crap, really?! So I call my good neighbour below and he checks the buildings hot water tank, all is good there. I call my Dad, listen to this I say. What do I do? Turn off the water from under the sink, leave your tap in the open position, let it drip, be the the plug is out, put a note for yourself and have a great trip!

The guy behind me at the gate smelled pretty intoxicated. Not sure where he’s going! Well we are boarding to Toronto… have a good sleep all. Thanks k2v for the drop off. My bag weighed under.


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